The Municipal Arborist

20 - Joseph McCarthy - City of Chicago

May 23, 2022 Episode 20
The Municipal Arborist
20 - Joseph McCarthy - City of Chicago
Show Notes

I am proud to have Joe McCarthy on as the guest of this episode! 
Joe McCarthy is a Senior City Forester with the City of Chicago Bureau of Forestry.

Since 1990, Joe has worked to foster cooperation with other city departments in ensuring that all reasonable options are explored to preserve and protect city trees in capital improvement projects. In 1998, he researched relevant Federal, State and local road design codes, design standards and policies which aided in the development of flexibility in roadway design standards.  Most recently in 2019, Joe’s regulation and standards research work identified changes to the IEPA regulations that resulted in the first trial of Cure in Place Pipe and Pipe Bursting use on private sewer drains to comply with separation requirements during water main projects. Developed tree protection standards as well as Tree Removal and Replacement policies for the City that place a monetary value on these valuable City assets.

Developed protocols for measuring changes in Chicago's street tree population. Over the past thirty years has Implemented four (4) random sample inventories (1994, 2003, 2013 and 2021) to assess, monitor and track changes in the street tree population. Developed street tree diversity targets and guidelines. This research has provided relevant data to the City's exotic insect eradication (ALB) and management (EAB) programs

He has relevant experience in Invasive Species programs as, in response to the Asian Long Horned Beetle Infestation of 1998, he was appointed the Project Manager of the Chicago’s program to combat this dangerous threat to the urban forest.

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